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Freezing to death slowly, without realizing... Looking at the blinding white snow by forcing our eye lids open , not even realizing the numbing sensation of your  fingertips and toes ... Like a tree branch covered with a thin layer of ice , in between chills, as though you are

slipping into a sweet dream .


In the chaos of daily life how many of us really live in total AWARENESS ? Do we usually say “oh finally this day is over!” when we lay in bed, while our eyes shield our souls with a fake curtain?
When was the last time you stayed up and watched the sun rise on top of a hill while admiring how generous nature is to you?

Have you ever taken off your shoes and tried to remain in balance on the rocks in a freezing cold sea?

Do you pause long enough to stare into street dog’s eyes while gently touching his head?


Or wipe away tears from a child’s cheeks with your bare hands?
Unfortunately most of us live our lives without ever being full aware of ourselves.  In this
chaotic world,  where hours follow days, days follow months, and months follow years,
we eventually look in the mirror and see the gray in our hair. We find awe at that “
moment” if we choose to stop and look.  For most of us, it is painful to do so.
Albert Einstein implied that being ignorant is as bad as being guilty when he stated that
“The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil, but
because of the people who don’t do anything about it.”
It is critical that we become  more aware of our innerself and become more mindful of
our environment. We can no longer choose to be  ignorant and live our lives
An artist who is senseless and ignorant produces pieces that have no soul. Hence the sense
of a true artist is stronger than any other people. Among her 5th sense she uses her 6th sense to
add soul to her art by being aware of her own “self” and  surroundings. 


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