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Alev Araslı


Born in Istanbul,1972; Alev Araslı met with clay in 1995 in USA. Her works had been exhibited in Turkey and in many countries. She had attended  bianelles and festivals. She has been awarded and her works are in collections.  Alev organized many exhibitions for her fellow artist friends.  In 2011 she founded IAP-Istanbul Art Platform in order to contribute more to the society.  She is currently working in her studio in Nişantaşı.

Freezing to death slowly, without realizing... Looking at the blinding white snow by forcing our eye lids open , not even realizing the numbing sensation of your  fingertips and toes ... Like a tree branch covered with a thin layer of ice , in between chills, as though you are

slipping into a sweet dream .


In the chaos of daily life how many of us really live in total AWARENESS ? Do we usually say “oh finally this day is over!” when we lay in bed, while our eyes shield our souls with a fake curtain?
When was the last time you stayed up and watched the sun rise on top of a hill while admiring how generous nature is to you?

Have you ever taken off your shoes and tried to remain in balance on the rocks in a freezing cold sea?

Do you pause long enough to stare into street dog’s eyes while gently touching his head.

Solo Exhibitons

2018 “Organik”, Galeri Fe, İstanbul

2017 “Naif-II “Palmarina, Bodrum

2016 “Naif Seramik ve Heykel Sergisi, 

Ziraat Sanat, İstanbul

International Exhibitons

2010 “ Art Expo” New York, USA

2006“7th International Cairo Ceramic Biennial”, Cairo , Egypt

2005“II. International Contemporary Mosaic Bieannial”, Buenos Aries, Argentina

2005 “II. Vase Triennali”, Galeriji Knezev dvor u Rabu, Zagreb, Croatia

2005 “Lilliput Ceramic”, Zagreb, Croatia

2004 “A bridge from East to West”,Karlsruhe, Germany

2003 “Keramika Sisak 1700”, Croatia

2003 “I. International Contemporary Mosaic Biennial”, Buenos Aries, Argentina

Group Exhibitons

2020 "Ütopyalar Güzeldir" Galeri Fe, İstanbul

2017 “Tasarım TomTom da”, İstanbul

2017 “Printemps des Artistes”, Saint Pulcherie, İstanbul

2016 “Seramiksel Dürtüler”, Ortaköy Kültür Merkezi, İstanbul

2015 “ II. Seramik Sanat Günleri, Maksem, İstanbul

2013 “ IAP private collection –I” Istanbul Art Platform Galeri, Istanbul

2014“ IV. Egeart “Eczacıbası Vitra Seramik Sanat Atölyesi 2. Buluşma Sergisi” , Adnan Franco sanat galerisi, Izmir

2010 “ Kırılgan Farkındalık”, G-Art Galeri, Istanbul

2010 “ III. Uluslararası Kervansaray Buluşması”, Malatya

2010 “Artist 2010, 20.Istanbul Sanat Fuarı”, İstanbul

2009“ Kişisel İzler 7” Eczacıbaşı Seramik Sanat Atölyesi, Galeri Işık, İstanbul

2005 “Ceracarnassos 2005” Denizi Pişirdik denizaltı, Bodrum


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